Best Air Mattress for an Apartment

This generation is all about multi-functionality and compact living spaces. What that means is that more people are shifting from investing in huge homes, which take them forever to pay and barely get to enjoy, rather than smaller spaces which they can furnish in a way that simulates more space that there actually is. On, which is Tim Kirkland’s air mattress review site, it shows that air beds have gained popularity because of these needs. Some people living in smaller spaces or those who live with housemates prefer to have portable beds they can move around to make space for other functions, like a place to do yoga or an area to entertain guests.

Even if you have a bigger home, you can also try more luxurious air mattress options. More and more people are opting out of their traditional spring beds, and are trying this out. Here are some options that could be a good fit for your apartment:


  • Luxury Support Air Suspension Sleep Softside Air Mattress


If you’re the type who wants to invest in a good bed, then this mattress is exactly what you’re looking for. With a good value for money, this bed is made with nothing but the best quality materials and carries the latest air bed technology.  It has internal coils that move independently from one another and state-of-the art air inflation system which can be adjusted to every individual sleeper’s needs. It’s not a surprise that this air bed is always out of stock on almost every online retailer.


With a traditional mattress, sleeping next to someone can be a nightmare, especially if you prefer different firmness in beds. That is resolved with this particular air bed because you can set each side to the comfort level that you and your partner desires. That way you can both get a good sleep.


  • SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress


Comfort is the priority for most people buying a bed for themselves. Because Dream Series retains its shape all through the night and allows very minimal sagging, it assures you of a good night’s sleep. This is made possible by the air bed’s ComfortCoil technology that has 40 strategically placed coils, giving you optimal comfort. It also has a Sure Grip feature that hinders it from slipping all over your room while you sleep.

blow up air mattress

In case you live in a one-bedroom or a studio-type and you like to invite people over, this bed easily deflates, so you can store it, giving you a lot of room to move around. It’s really light, so you can push to the side or across the room, where it’s not a bother to whatever you or your guests have to do.


  • Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump


This bed puts your comfort needs at the forefront because it comes with automatic controls that allows you to customize the firmness level of your bed with ease. It also has a circular coil system that supports the structure of the bed, so it does not sag. In the event that deflates over time, you can easily inflate it with the built-in pumps strategically installed in the air bed.


Unlike what most people imagine, air beds do not mean sleeping close to the floor. Apart from the option of getting your own bed frame, there are also air beds which are raised, like this one. Its height is like how an average traditional bed would stack up, simulating that feature. It also has a sure grip bottom that keeps it in place as you sleep.



Best Furniture to Buy for a New House

Moving into a new home is an exciting experience. But, with this excitement also comes anxiety that stems from not knowing what to do when moving day comes.

Most people already have existing furniture that they will simply move into their new home. However, there are also people who want to start completely anew and purchase the best furniture for a new house.

Doing the latter can be quite challenging because there are so many things that can constrain a homeowner from buying all the furniture that he or she wants. These constraints include budget, space, and time.

Hence, it is best to start furnishing an empty home one step at a time. Experts recommend buying the essential furniture first. After which, the new homeowner can start furnishing one room at a time.

Essential Furniture

These are the furniture that are necessary in each home. No one can live comfortably without these items. They include furniture that has something to do with food, comfort, and cleanliness. Here is a list of all the essential furniture one would need for a new home:



Utensils and Cutlery

Plates and Glasses


Food Storage


Clothes Hanger

Vacuum Cleaner

Garbage Can


Because preparing food is one of the most important things a person does, it is only right to start furnishing a house with the kitchen. Should you have guests at a time when your house is not yet fully furnished, you can always welcome them in this room and serve them with delicious food.These are the furniture that you should get for your kitchen:

Kitchen table


Microwave oven

A wider selection of utensils, cutlery, plates, and glasses

General cleaning materials

Living Room

The right furniture for a living room depends on the preferences of the homeowner. Some want to have entertainment appliances like a TV and sound system, while others want to keep it conducive for reading. Regardless of these preferences, there are still some items that almost everyone needs:


Coffee table

Shelves and Storage units



Wall decorations


For a good night’s sleep, one must be able to prepare for bed properly. To do that, these furniture should be present in your bedroom:

Pillows and pillowcases

Sheets and blankets

Bedside table


Alarm clock


Proper storage for clothes and other personal items




This room can be furnished last because houses usually have all the bathroom fixtures – like the tub, toilet, shower, and sink – in place even before the homeowner moves in. When moving day comes, the bathroom is already ready for use. But, it would be made better with these furniture:

Shower curtain with shower rings

Bathroom mat

Toilet roll holder

Soap dish

Garbage can

Toilet cleaners

Furnishing a house can be overwhelming, but it can be done without any problem if proper planning is involved. Remember to work only with your budget and space, but don’t let these limit your creativity in decorating your own place.